To prepare would be defenders for stopping mass shooters as quickly as possible.

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From police departments to gun beginners, we have a training available for you.

All of our trainers are current or former police officers.

While most safety consulting companies only speak on run, lockdown and hide, B-Safe Tactical provides that next step, to fight.  In everyday life, people are encountering shooter situations, and in many cases, are ended by armed bystander intervention.  B-Safe provides training on many levels to include range firearms course, defensive tactics, Tac-Med, situation awareness and security risk assessments, but we also provide the most advanced scenario based active shooter training using Stressvest tactical training equipment as a training tool.  We provide our equipment to police departments and train schools, churches, corporations and industry, government, as well as individuals.

All the staff trainers are current or former police officers and have hundreds of hours of training experience to share.  Our team is comprised of former police chiefs, SWAT team members, Defensive Tactics instructors, Firearms instructors and Tac-Med SWAT medics.

What sets B-Safe Tactical Training apart is not only our experience or equipment, but the way that we customize each training to the group we are presenting to.  We meet ahead of training day and determine the scenarios and curriculum based on the needs of that group.  We also debrief after each scenario to improve the skills of each student.  We reduce down time in between scenarios by introducing skill training for students.