Our company is staffed with police officers and other first responders that provide tactical response training as well as emergency medical training.  Our trainers have over 127 years of law enforcement experience.  We have SWAT team members, firearms instructors, defensive tactics instructors and others who have years of  specialty training.  To meet our team, visit "Our Trainers" page.


We provide several training courses suited for beginner gun owners to seasoned firearms enthusiast.  We offer law enforcement agencies training on real life scenarios from traffic stops, home domestic situations as well as active shooter and more.  We also provide active shooter training to churches, schools, businesses as well as individuals and other groups who want to broaden their training experience.  We have classroom only training and we have the most sought after force on force training using the latest cutting edge equipment.  For more detailed information on our courses, please visit our "Training Options" page. 


Our equipment is cutting edge state of the art tactical equipment that until now has only been used in the largest law enforcement agencies, such as Secret Service, Homeland Security, NYPD and more.  It provides the most realistic "Reality Based Training" available and allows us to bring this to your facility.  Unlike simunitions (like paintball) there is no mess or damage as a result of the training.  You also don't have to wear protective equipment which minimizes the effectiveness when giving commands to a suspect. 

The equipment also provides a pain penalty to the participants and increases the level of stress simulating the changes the body would go through in an actual incident and teaches the student to fight through should they become shot or wounded.