Our experience with B-Safe Tactical was nothing but positive. Their highly qualified team of trained professionals bring decades of experience making them the right choice for our onsite safety and security training. While it is unfortunate that this type of training must be considered in a church setting, the increase of violent acts against innocent people, in presumed “safe” settings, makes it a necessity. I continue to hear how “eye-opening” this experience has been. Our B-Safe “Training Day” has generated a lot of positive discussion that will lead to the development and implementation of new policies and procedures that will mean increased safety and greater protection for our entire congregation.


Steve Greene

Lead Pastor, The Point, Seymour, IN

Our church safety team participated in your “Threat Assessment – Active Shooter” training on 06/17/2018.  Our team consists of 14 active members; only 3 of which have had any formal law enforcement training.  The remaining members are volunteer church members who devote their time each Sunday to provide a safe environment for our congregation. They have little to no experience in coping with threatening situations.  I have over 37 years of full time law enforcement experience plus 4 more years as a school resource officer.  I have participated in numerous “active shooter” and threat assessment courses. 

Initially, I was hesitant in subjecting my inexperienced team through this course.   I was concerned we would lose many of them following the training if that training was more advanced than what they were prepared for.  However, I found B-Safe Tactical’s trainers were very professional, knowledgeable and helpful.  Everything was explained  before the live scenarios began.  B-Safe Tactical also provided assistants to help us “suit up” with the equipment and made sure it all worked correctly. I found the equipment to be “state of the art”; unlike anything I have had experience with as a sworn officer.  I would also note that B-Safe Tactical tailored the course to suit our needs and experience level; knowing that we had limitations- such as varying ages and physical conditioning. 

I found the scenarios to be realistic and relevant; many times “eye opening” as to what could happen and the need for our team to be more prepared.

The trainers critiqued each scenario afterwards and offered helpful suggestions to best handle that particular situation.  Some scenarios were a “no win” situation; but it was explained that we could always try to minimize the risks.

B-Safe Tactical’s “Threat Assessment – Active Shooter” course is equal to or better than any I have previously attended.  The morning after the training many of our team members were still “pumped up”; stating they had barely slept while running the scenarios over and over in their heads.  What more could I ask for?    I definitely would recommend this course to any church or other organization that feels the need to stay current with today’s threats and who want to keep their congregations safe.  I am looking forward to future courses from B-Safe Tactical.

Jack  Hauer

Safety Team Coordinator, The Point, Seymour, IN


It has been a week since I and others on our security team from the church I attend took some active shooter training.  I got an email from our pastor and team leader about attending the Saturday training but had no idea as to the content of this training.  What a surprise! 

On arrival at the church I could tell a lot of time and prep had been made for the activities of this day.  We were introduced the trainers and support team from B Safe a business that is starting to fill a gap in the need of active shooter training and information dissemination about these situations occurring in our society today.  The B Safe team was very professional and knowledgeable with the trainers being made up of police officers with years of service and training themselves.  We were guided thru a number of different and fluid scenarios, inside and outside of the building, that could possibly happen at any time on any given Sunday or weak day event at the church or any business.  It did not take long to realize the invaluable input of information and insight this training team was giving us.  After each scenario we would debrief with the trainers about what had happened during the scenario we just ran.  My head is still reeling about the situations we ran through and the insight about how we could better respond in these types of situations.  I would highly recommend this training for anyone tasked with securing your church or any building with the activity of people from these types of attacks happening in the days we live in.  Personally, I plan on taking more training soon.

Dave McCrary

Safety Team Member, The Point, Seymour, IN


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